It’s these ultraviolet rays that have sunk your delicate skin


It’s these ultraviolet rays that have sunk your delicate skin

Judging from the current progress of scientific research, the primary reason for sunburning human skin is natural ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays are distinguished according to their wavelengths: three types are ultraviolet C (200-280nm), ultraviolet B (280-320nm), and ultraviolet A (320-400nm). Experts from the Air Force General Hospital’s beauty department said that the shorter the ultraviolet wavelength, the more energyIt is, but the penetration is worse.

  ★ Ultraviolet C has the largest energy and the strongest destructive power. It is easy to undergo malignant changes (skin cancer) after receiving the skin, but because of its poor penetrating power, it is filtered by the ozone layer in the atmosphere almost 1500 above the ground.Less able to harm people living on the ground.

★ UVB has large energy and poor penetrating power, and it is easy to hurt exposed skin, such as face, limbs exposed in summer, swimming exposed skin, etc.

If the exposed skin is often exposed to ultraviolet B, the stratum corneum will grow excessively and accumulate, resulting in rough skin and lack of elasticity. For example, exposure to a large amount of ultraviolet B will cause skin redness, fever, and peeling dandruff.Symptoms such as sunburn and inflammation such as blisters, and the victim’s skin lesions have burning, tingling and other discomfort.

In general, as long as our own epidermal structure is intact to avoid strong sunlight, wearing another piece of clothing can resist the attack of UVB.

★ UVA is ignored by many because of its low energy, and it is not easy to cause damage to the skin immediately after sun exposure.

However, although UVA has low energy, its penetrating power is overcome, and it can even penetrate single-layer glass or car windows of ordinary households. If the skin does not pay attention to protection and causes the accumulation of UVA exposure, it will gradually lead toThe degeneration and destruction of collagen and elastic fibers can easily accelerate skin aging.

In addition, ultraviolet A can also cause melanocytes existing in the skin to be oxidized to melanin within hours after irradiation, forming annoying pigmentation spots.

TIPS: For the care and repair of sunburned skin, experts in the Air Force General Hospital’s beauty department have suggested that skin sunburn should first cool the skin. After the pain is relieved, it is best to apply a layer of wheat germ oil (available in stores or food stores)), It has a special effect on the treatment of skin burns, it can well protect the skin from irritation, and quickly return to its original state.

The phenomenon of sunburn spots and hyperpigmentation caused by a large amount of sun exposure, and the appearance of exacerbation of the skin can be solved by Mesolite. This beauty method is to introduce a variety of nutrients deep into the subcutaneous tissue to enhance skin skin protein and supplement skin factors.Many nutrients lost due to aging make the skin younger and improve the skin and texture of the face as a whole.