Yoga posture is prone to error_1

Yoga posture is prone to error

Here are some of the mistakes that yoga practitioners often see. If you make these mistakes, you will easily hurt yourself. Some problems will appear immediately, and some will take years to erupt, so be careful.

  First, I ‘m too nervous, the number of exercises is too repeated. Some friends who are just practicing yoga classrooms, fall in love with yoga practice, and maybe some yoga classrooms are attracted by the unlimited number of practice sessions on a regular basis.The cheaper it is, and I want to see the results of the exercise immediately, but I don’t know that it is dangerous.

When the body is not strong at the beginning of the exercise, the body accumulates fatigue every day when it is practiced, and it is often hard to recover and work in class. If the young people can still tolerate it, those over the age of 30 can’t stand it.The teacher encourages you to continue to practice with injuries as a daily routine. That is really a fire, it is unbearable!

  It is recommended that the initial practice should not exceed three days a week, and gradually increase the number after one or two months. Don’t think that some yoga teachers practice effectively every day. People will control strength and weight.

  Second, too tight back bend Many yoga teachers will be good at calling back. When you meet this kind of teacher, she will also encourage you to work hard when you get back bend. I hope you hit your buttocks as soon as possible.

You need to know that this is a very dangerous movement. Over time, the soft tissues between the spine will be damaged, and the spine will only develop in one direction, and the other directions will be restricted.

  Sometimes even though the teacher does not correct the backbend, the book will also want to practice well, I hope it can be as good as the photos in the book, please think twice, there are many knots in the spine, and you often do not know how to control the bodyPractice is also the part that is the easiest to bend. The other spine has not been trained. How can you imagine the poor spine?

  For example, when the book trains to the wheel, it ‘s hard to lift up the body. As soon as I am happy, I want to lift the body desperately, and the result is the tired and softest part of the lumbar spine.