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Qiqi Beauty Source Hot Yoga

She is the wife of the famous movie star Ren Dahua, she is a famous model in Hong Kong, she is the image consultant of Cecilia Cheung, Zhao Wei, Joey Yung, Twins and many other celebrities. She is also an advertising spokesperson for many internationally renowned brands.Every move is a “popular indicator.”

  You ca n’t lose weight with your stomach. Qi Qi has cooperated with Cecilia Cheung, Zhao Wei, Rong Zuer, Twins and many other stars. Based on her experience in the beauty industry, Qi Qi uses her unique vision to radiate her own beauty and become with them.good friend.

  Qiqi is a skinny beauty, tall and thin.

Her philosophy is different from ordinary people: “Eating is important during weight loss.

“A lot of female celebrities eat very little in order to keep their body shape. As a result, they become very old, thin and sloppy, and their complexion looks very unhealthy.

Qiqi pays great attention to eating and makes herself thinner and healthier.

Her heaviest breakfast, insisting on a glass of milk and oatmeal every day, and drinking plenty of boiled water, both detoxified and absorbed the transformation needed for the day.

  Modeling for sweating and falling in love with high-temperature yoga requires a very standard figure, but since joining the industry, Qiqi has never deliberately lost weight. Coupled with her well-known appetite, everyone wonders how she can maintain such a good figure?

Qi Qi said with a smile: “Maybe I have enough exercise when I work weekdays. In addition, I love shopping and I live in a duplex house. I often have to take the stairs and inadvertently do alternative sports.

“A few months ago, Qi Qi, who didn’t like to dry and dry the machine at the gym, did a tedious exercise. After being introduced by a friend, he began to practice high-temperature yoga.

In the high-temperature room at 38 ° C for more than an hour at a time, the body will sweat a lot under the high-temperature fumigation, and the extra aunts will be replaced without knowing it, as well as the benefits of balancing the mind and regulating emotions.After only practicing once, Qi Qi has become fascinated with hot yoga.

Now, she has to take time at least twice a month.


You ca n’t be late to practice high-temperature yoga: There are strict rules for high-temperature yoga. The process from the first move to the nineteenth move is based on the meridians of the entire body of the body.


Accurately grasp the drinking time: You don’t need to drink a lot of water before practicing. If you drink a lot of water, you need a lot of blood in the body to help digest the water, which will affect the blood circulation when practicing high-temperature yoga.

Coaches generally require scholars to drink a sip of water only at certain intervals in order to moisturize their throats.

After training, you can drink your stomach and drink more water.


Practice three times a week: Practicing high-temperature yoga will sweat a lot and consume a lot of body.

High temperature yoga should not be practiced every day, three to four times a week is enough, otherwise it will step on the opposite effect.