Ten self-abuse fitness methods

Ten “self-abuse” fitness methods

Some exercise methods that are contrary to the normal state are called “unusual fitness methods”, such as: crawling, handstand and other unique features.
Modern science and countless facts have proved that participating in some abnormal sports has a good effect on fitness.
Inverted fitness method Inverted has always been the method of fitness and mind-building for monks of all ages.
Medical scientists believe that those who often stand are susceptible to splanchnic organs, hemorrhoids and insufficient blood supply to the brain, back problems, and swelling of the feet.
Proper exercise can prevent various diseases caused by standing.
At the same time, it can improve blood circulation, make the brain awake, enhance visceral function, and play a relaxing body fitness effect.
倒走健身法  倒走从现代体育科学观点看,有诸多益处,一是可以预防驼背,尤其是对正在长身体的青少年来说,倘若常做倒走锻炼,就可让腰肌肉保持节律的收Tighten and relax, thereby obtaining the effect of improving blood circulation in the waist, tissue metabolism, and preventing functional low back pain.
The second is to increase the bearing capacity of the knee joint and exercise the muscles and ligaments of the knee.
The third is to exercise direction when walking backwards, master the balance, exercise the balance of the cerebellum, increase and improve physical flexibility and coordination.
Barefoot fitness method Ancient times, the physical therapy of barefoot walking has been recorded, and today there is the so-called “foot reflex” theory.
Because the sole of the foot has a sensory area associated with internal organs, walking barefoot can make the plantar muscle fascia, ligaments, acupoints and nerve endings as close as possible to the sand, grass, and uneven pebbles on the ground, so that the sensitive area is stimulated.The signal is transmitted to the corresponding internal organs and related cerebral cortex, and then to the effector organs, so as to regulate the functions of all parts of the human body, and finally achieve the magical effects of health care, rehabilitation, disease prevention and auxiliary treatment.
爬行健身法  实践证明,爬行可使血液循环流畅,身体重量分散到四肢,从而大大减轻腰椎的负担,若每天有一定时间进行爬行锻炼,则对心血管疾病及各种脊椎、腰部病变显著的症状For healing and fitness.
Walking in the rain is better than walking on a sunny day. Walking in the rain has special fitness effects.
The basis is that it can produce a lot of negative oxygen ions when it rains, it can make people feel refreshed, help to regulate nerves and eliminate depression.
In addition, the gentle massage of the face and skin by the drizzle can enhance the body’s strain on the external environment.
倒吊健身法  美国矫形学家马丁,让病人用双脚勾在单、双杠或其它固定的架子上,成倒吊状态,以此治疗腰酸腿痛、坐骨神经痛、关节炎等,将取得满意疗效.
When the human body is upright, the lumbar spine and lower joints are under pressure due to the gravity of the earth, which will cause back pain and leg pain in a long time.
Hanging upside down will fully relax the waist, legs and joints, and the body pressure will disappear, so it can cure diseases and fitness.
Water running fitness method: The resistance in the water is 12-14 times greater than the resistance of the ground air. The amount of running in the water is not too intense. If you can continue running in the water for a long time, it can greatly promote metabolism, accelerate glycogen decomposition in the body, and prevent excessive accumulation of fat.
It can also play a role in enhancing appetite, promoting the normal progress of digestion and absorption system, and moderately increasing weight.
Alternating fitness method This is a new fitness concept and method: that is, you usually work with your right hand, it is recommended to exercise with your left hand often, so as not to “desolate” the right cerebral cortex.
“Alternating up and down”, that is, in addition to insisting on upper limb activities, especially toe toes often, let the toes do delicate movements such as pinching and picking things up, as well as cardiopulmonary exercise, cold and hot exercise, and logical and image thinkingExercise and more.
The howling fitness method The beat is a unique body massage fitness method spread by the ancients, which can regulate qi, anger, luck, nourish qi, strengthen the five internal organs, and soothe the mood.
The roar is best in the early morning and night. In the early morning, the five internal organs can be vomited, and the inner power of Dantian can be called out before falling asleep.
Hunger through the fitness method, saying “if you want to live, the intestines must be clear.”
Food stasis in the intestine is prone to turbidity, and many diseases and even cancer are caused by it.
Hunger, that is, do not eat for one or two days, only drink boiled water.
Taoism calls it “avoiding the valley”, which is actually a hunger therapy.The above fitness methods have their own advantages. You can choose the appropriate fitness method according to your physical condition and ability. If the body is sick, you must not follow suit.