Eating too many snacks can be fatal?

How long can your stomach last?

Eating too many snacks can be fatal?
How long can your stomach last?

Guide: Our fast-paced life may be the stomach of our body. The most uncomfortable part of our body is the stomach. Nowadays, eating is not regular, and the phenomenon of uneven diet and nutrition is commonplace. It is rare to ignore any discomfort in the stomach.

But because we all have such thoughts, in the end, there is something wrong with the stomach, and we regret it.

  According to a recent news report, a woman was stretched more than 20 times due to snacks and braces, and the residue from the stomach was as many as two washbasins.

The stomach is stretched to the clear and has been squeezed to the pelvis.

A small fissure was also found on the woman’s stomach wall. Such a fissure would allow gastric fluid to flow into the abdominal cavity and corrode the internal organs.

In the doctor’s two-hour rescue, the woman died of acute gastric dilation.

  Why does the woman eat snacks to death?

Because of the woman’s chronic chronic disease, she also had long-term symptoms of constipation.

And she should continue to overfeed.

The family told the doctor that the patient had eaten rice cake the day before Matsubara, and his stomach was a little uncomfortable. Then he ate noodles and watched TV while eating, which lasted for 5 hours.

Within these five hours, the patient kept eating potato chips, popcorn, egg rolls, sunflower seeds, and drinking a lot of water.

Under such conditions, the patient’s stomach is severely dilated, causing the stomach wall to rupture.

After rupture, the gastric fluid enters the abdominal cavity, which strongly corrodes the organs in the abdominal cavity.

  How big can our stomach be? In normal CT examinations, for patients of normal height and weight, 500 ml of liquid can already expand the stomach.

If full expansion is needed, the patient needs to drink 2 to 3 bottles of mineral water. At this time, the patient will feel “full”, and if he continues to drink water, he will feel “supported”.

Basically, at the beginning of the fifth bottle of mineral water, the human stomach has expanded to the limit, which is clinically referred to as acute gastric dilation.

At this time, people will feel very uncomfortable.

At this time, the human stomach will be stretched to become as thin as paper. At this time, it is easy to cause the stomach wall to rupture.

  Duration of digestion in the stomach ◎ Emptying time of starchy foods: about 2 to 3 hours; Emptying time of protein foods: about 4 hours; 时间 Emptying time of aunt foods: about 6 to 8 hours.

  Following the living habits of these people, in general, three meals a day are more reasonable.

  The interval between meals should not be too long. If the interval is too long, it will cause a high temperature and affect people’s labor and work efficiency.

If the interval is too short, then the last meal has not been emptied in the stomach, and then eat the meal to ingest the digestive organs without proper rest, the digestive function will gradually decrease, affecting appetite and digestion.

The average food stay in the stomach is about 4?
5 hours, so the interval between meals is 4?
5 hours is more appropriate, if it is 5?
About 6 hours is basically satisfactory.

  Stomach protection1.

Eat less fried foods: Because this kind of food is not easy to digest, it will increase the burden on the digestive tract. Eating more food will cause indigestion, which will increase blood lipids and be detrimental to health.


Eat less pickled foods: These foods contain a lot of salt and some carcinogens, so you should not eat more.


Eat cold foods irritating foods: Cold and irritating foods have a stimulating effect on the digestive tract mucosa, which can easily cause diarrhea or gastrointestinal inflammation.


Regular diet: Studies show that eating regularly and quantifying regularly can form conditioned reflexes, leading to the secretion of digestive glands, which is more conducive to digestion.


Timing and Quantitative: To ensure a moderate amount of meals, 3 meals a day, at the prescribed time, whether you are hungry or not, you should take the initiative to avoid excess or fullness.

Suitable temperature: The temperature of the diet should be “not hot or cold”.

Chew slowly: to reduce the burden of high blood pressure.

The more you chew your food more often, the more saliva it secretes, which has a protective effect on the gastric mucosa.


Timing of drinking water: The best time to drink is when you start fasting in the morning and 1 hour before each meal. Drinking water immediately after meals will replace gastric juice, and soup with rice will also affect food digestion.


Pay attention to cold protection: After the stomach is cold, it will increase the function of the stomach. Therefore, keep warm the stomach and avoid cold.


Avoid irritation: Do not smoke, because smoking causes gastric blood vessels to constrict, affects the blood supply of gastric wall cells, reduces gastric mucosal resistance and causes stomach problems.

Drink less alcohol and eat spicy foods such as chili and pepper.


Vitamin C supplementation: Vitamin C has a protective effect on the stomach. Maintaining the normal content of vitamin C in gastric juice can effectively exert the function of the stomach, protect the stomach, and enhance the stomach’s resistance to disease.

Therefore, eat more vitamin C vegetables and fruits.

  For your own body, we must pay close attention to it, and don’t really care about it until there is a big problem.

Pay close attention to your diet, pay attention to your stomach health, but stop eating!