6 anti-constipation weight loss recipes

6 anti-constipation weight loss recipes

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Below, Xiaobian recommends 6 diet diet recipes for you to keep healthy and lose weight, plus easy and simple production process, to ensure that you will learn.

You can easily lose weight through your daily diet while maintaining a healthy physique and figure.

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  Diet therapy, as its name implies, is diet therapy. It is a dietary method that uses food to treat various aspects of the body to obtain health or prevent disease.

Chinese medicine believes that food has nutritional value even to the human body, and can also cure diseases.

  Food therapy has always been the traditional habit of the Chinese. In the past, people achieved the purpose of conditioning and strengthening the body through diet in daily life.

And now, dietetics is also being used to lose weight with beauty.

This is also a good phenomenon with a broad concept of health.

  People always work hard on food in their daily diet, choose the right natural foods to maintain a healthy body, and at the same time can achieve the effect of weight loss or prevent obesity, which is worth promoting healthy weight loss.

The following editors will bring you diet weight loss recipes, let’s make a healthy diet weight loss meal together!

  The first type: lean meat and yam fried fungus material: yam, black fungus, lean meat practice: 1. Slice lean meat and yam; 2. Add starch to lean meat, soy sauce, cooking wine and water for several minutesWhile the sliced yam is ready for use; 3, soak the soft black fungus with water, remove the root, tear it into a small flower shape, clean it for future use; 4, after the oil in the pot is hot, the lean meat will beYou can put it in and stir-fry until it is cooked. Then put it back in the pan. 5. Put the oil on the pan again to stir-fry the yam and fungus. Add the transparent water and stir-fry until it is cooked.Neutralize the yam and fungus together, add seasoning.

  Dietetic weight loss effect: black fungus: enhance resistance, anti-cancer, absorb dust impurities in the body, aid digestion; yam: produce low, good satiety; lean meat: increase taste, bring out umami.

  The second paragraph: Tremella custard material: Tremella, eggs, rock sugar Practice: 1. Soak the Tremella for 30 minutes until it becomes soft into slices; 2. Beat the eggs, set aside; 3, put a proper amount of Tremella in the pot and cook,After the water has boiled, reduce to low heat and simmer for one to two minutes until the white fungus is fully cooked. 4. Add rock sugar, add some water and boil until the water boils again. Pour in the beaten eggs and stir.; Weight loss efficacy of diet therapy: Tremella: intake of protein and minerals, beauty first choice, improve liver detoxification function, nourish blood and qi, regulate women’s physiological period, enrich absorption fiber to help gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce fat; eggs: protein and amino acids needed by the human bodyClear heat and detoxify and delay aging.

  The third section: Mixed vegetable slimming soup Ingredients: onion, celery, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, kumbu, ginger, chicken soup A bowl of practice: 1, cut the above vegetables into pieces; 2, cut vegetables, chicken soup, kumbuPut one liter of water in the pot and cook on medium heat for 20 minutes. If the water content is reduced halfway through, you can add water appropriately. After the vegetables are cooked, add seasoning.

Dietetic weight loss effect: rich in fiber and vitamin supplements, detoxification and cellulite.

  Section 4: Coix seed coarse rice porridge Material: Coix seed, fine rice, pork belly Practice: 1. Wash the pork belly and cut it into shreds; 2. Put the pork belly, barley and coarse rice into the pot together,Add the right amount of water to boil the porridge.

  Dietetic effect of weight loss: Coix kernel: spleen, soaking, purulent; grain size rice: rich in vitamins B and E, improve resistance, promote metabolism, satiety; pork belly: cure deficiency and fatigue, diarrhea, thirst, urinationFrequency.

  Fifth paragraph: lotus leaf previous rice porridge material: 1 fresh lotus leaf, previous rice practices: 1, after washing the previous rice, put it in a pot and add water to cook porridge.

  2. When it is about to be cooked, cover the fresh lotus leaves on the porridge, and simmer for about 15 minutes. After removing the lotus leaves, boil for a while and add sugar to taste.

  Effect of dietetic weight loss: Qianmi: It is a tonic, can benefit the spleen and stomach, remove irritability, rich in vitamins, reduce cholesterol, and promote human immunity.

  Section 6: Coarse Rice Pork Ribs Soup Material: Fine Rice, Pork Ribs, Red Dates, Ginger Practice: 1. Wash the alkaline rice and soak it for two to three hours; 2. Wash and chop the ribs into pieces, 汆Remove the water and rinse it for future use. 3. Wash the red dates and flatten them to remove the kernels. 4. Boil the water in a pot, then add all the ingredients, cook for 20 minutes with the wuhu, and then turn to a low-heat pot for one and a half hours.Add seasoning.
  Dietetic weight loss effect: coarse rice: rich in fiber supplements, promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body, promote metabolic peristalsis, promote metabolism, good satiety, and effectively control appetite.