Management Style of the Twelve Constellation Boss

Management Style of the Twelve Constellation Boss

Aries had a well-known super “boss”-Hitler, Hitler’s way of leading troops is “centralization” and absolute centralization, so to do things under Aries, it is best not to get too much of your own opinions, just followHis instructions, you can do everything . You really can not stand his dictatorship and hegemony, Hitler was also assassinated by his men that year, although it failed, but it is also very dark, be patient, one day willIf someone comes up, you just wait for the show!

Taurus believes in experts very much. Taurus has the height of his knees when he has something to do with his work. His “humbly asking” will annoy all the experts in the company.

If you are not an expert, then he will ask you to do all the precautions that the expert said, and you will be annoyed by him; both of the above situations are actually fine, the worst thing is, if your Taurus boss is himselfAn expert (or he thinks he is an expert), then all employees will be annoyed by him!

Gemini bosses can handle many things at the same time, so he will naturally ask you to do so; Gemini bosses attach the most importance to “efficiency”, a trick that earns the boss’s appreciation by working hard overtime to create the illusion of serious workHe doesn’t work.

In addition, the Gemini boss is extremely realistic. If you meet a Gemini boss, you must look at it to protect yourself.

Cancer is most likely to allow employees or even themselves to call a pizza at work. Together, the owner is the Cancer boss, but the cost of the employee is that he must endure his puppets.

The Cancer boss is very human and can also think for the employees. Then everything is just the tip of the iceberg. He leads the way by “putting heart to heart and asking you to die.” Once things go wrong, youIf you don’t come forward and protect the Lord faithfully, next time, he might come to “yin” with you.

Leo and Aries, both of which belong to the fire sign constellation, have once produced an impetuous revolutionary leader-level monarch, Napoleon.

The personality of the Leo boss is probably obvious, but you do n’t have to be too scared. This boss is cruel and inadequate. As long as you wave his flag and dance with the lion, be smart, and make a little horse fart.A generous, enthusiastic and generous boss.

Virgo For Virgo bosses, once the employees below keep their duties and work hard, he probably won’t bother you, and compared to the ruler of Mercury Gemini, use overtime to win VirgoThe goodwill of the boss has its effect.

In addition, would you be happy to hear that the Virgo boss will not change the usual fault-finding and put it to work?

Don’t be fortunate, you still have to try to be perfect, so as not to let him play on the topic, masterpiece.

The Libra boss is one of the most digging bosses. He will analyze and compare your current job with the advantages and disadvantages of your job. Then add career planning, self-realization, and other inflammatory fart-level remarks to let youWilling to change jobs willingly, and then . you will find his hateful perfectionism and such stubborn self-use but at the same time containing indecision, progressively, you will realize the phrase “I do not know who to fight for, why to fight”The true meaning.

Only Scorpio eagles and Scorpio Scorpio can be bosses, but because Scorpio eagles only account for 0% of the Scorpio population.

1%, so you are probably encountering scorpion-type “scorpio scorpio”. This boss monitors the employees is the best of the 12 constellations, and his way of leading the troops is good words and funny, humorous,It makes you think that you are in a space where you can learn and develop freely. When you are intoxicated with the dream of a dreamy working environment, you never imagine that he has been secretly monitoring you closely and step by step.As long as you have a situation, you are lazy, confusing, do not keep the office environment clean, do not follow his intentions . he will appear in a haunting manner, and then the good words and humor will become threats and intimidation, Ridicule.

Sagittarius believe it or not, the owner of Sagittarius is not a sloppy leaf or an owner who can play freely. On the contrary, the owner of Sagittarius is very cowardly, and although he is very opportunistic, he may not allow it.There is no cleverness or idleness in the behavior of employees. What’s more important is that the boss is really not responsible. When things go wrong, he will never admit that he is a mistake in his policy and will find someone.Become a scapegoat, so as an Sagittarius boss’s employee, it’s okay to collect more meeting materials, personality records or recordings as evidence of self-defense when framed. Capricorn can become the boss’s Capricorn, all belong to Capricorn.Captive goats with high ambitions and high power, this type of Capricorn may not be the general stupid goat with bad popularity; his way of leading troops also belongs to the centralized type, so thatConsolidate his skull and face the Capricorn boss, you must know how to be opportunistic, and you will be flattering, because the power is increasing, the confidence is increasing强Capricorn boss, not to be a good helper, he wanted to help him justify jester.

Aquarius usually adopts a completely laissez-faire attitude to pick up his employees. After an unclear explanation, he will assume that you already understand the needs and priorities of the job or task, and then let the cows graze.Do n’t ask, but do n’t think it ‘s so confusing. At the last minute, when he travels back and forth, he will come to an overall inspection. If he fails to meet his requirements, you must be careful about his frontline change.Or after the fall.

Pisces, please pick up your previous impressions of Pisces about romance, hedonism, compassion, kindness, etc. If you can become the Pisces of the boss level, it must be the Great White Shark that has escaped the goldfish tank, so in order to continue to masterHis achievements and levels, he will give full play to his unknown powers, strictly supervise all employees, thoroughly demand, and everything must be listened to him, as an employee of the Pisces boss, you are not only a countercurrent but alsoYou haven’t met the dark tide of the fish, you have to fight.