Fellow Blood ends, actor Huang Zitao responds to no masterpiece: don’t worry

“Fellow Blood” ends, “actor” Huang Zitao responds to no masterpiece: don’t worry
Sauna Night News (reporter Zhang He) The youthful inspirational drama “Hot Blood” starring Huang Zitao has ended on March 24.The play has attracted much attention since it was aired. One sentence: “Grandpa is the hereditary king of the Manchuria Zhengbai Banner, Dolozhemin Belle Erji Chongliming,” which made many audiences remember the heroic spirit of Huang Zitao played by the river.Chong Liming Little Baylor.In the past two years, Huang Zitao starred in “The Brightest Star in the Night Sky”, “Blood Boy”, “Blood Peer”, his acting skills have been recognized by the audience, but there is still no one who has been recognized as “Actor Huang Zitao’s masterpiece”.Recently, Huang Zitao accepted the sauna. In an interview with Yewang, he responded to the incident and said that he did n’t want to prove anything. Everyone wanted to shoot a fire, but that was impossible. “I think there must be a process like Xie Xiaofei and Zheng Baixu.I feel very funny and very happy. After reading it, Wu Gan Chong Liming feels very sad. I feel very good. I am not in a hurry, really.”Fellow Blood” was adapted from the comic “Splendid Fan”. The story opens, Chong Liming is the beautiful Beijing Belle, but the ending is full of pain and tragedy. In the end, he is alone.But Huang Zitao still expressed in an interview: “Chong Liming is my favorite character until now, although it is more tragic and painful, but I feel that he carries the kind of feelings of the country and him.The passionate strength (power), when I pay for many things, I think I experienced some great things in that era.At the same time, he said without hesitation, “Chong Liming is another myself, and I paid 100% of my soul in it.””In the filming, Huang Zitao’s most sadistic scene was that at the end Chong Liming returned to Yanshifan, saw the long shot of Yuchu and saw others,” including seeing Brother Shulte in the front, my father, has beenIn the end, I walked to the door with Yanshifan’s brothers, and they all disappeared as soon as I turned around. That scene, when I filmed at that time, I really couldn’t stop crying, and I couldn’t stop it.At the end of 2019, another drama starring Huang Zitao, “The Bloody Boy,” ended.It is also a work that is both blood-blooded and highly abusive, and at the same time shows the justice of the family. For Chong Liming and Wu Gan in “Blood Boy”, which one Huang Zitao prefers, he laughed and said, “I have loved it all.Comparing the roles I played, Zheng Baixu, Xie Xiaofei, or Wu Ganchong Liming, I like them all.”Sauna, night net Zhang He editor Tong Na