TV series Shibu Girl exposed creative video, Su Mang as a fashion consultant

TV series “Shibu Girl” exposed creative video, Su Mang as a fashion consultant
Sauna Night News recently, based on Zhu Deyong’s comic series “Agar Girl”, produced by Shen Yan, directed by Li Jiangming, Gu Xiaobai as editor-in-chief, screenwriter Jin Lu, Yin Tao, Song Yi, Zhao Jinmai, Xia Ruoyan, The TV series “Shy Girl” starring Hu Lianxin started in Shanghai.On January 16, “Self Girl” and “Fashion Bazaar” released a poster and creative video on the theme of “New Age Seductive Girl”, and officially announced the corresponding roles of the protagonist: Yin Tao as Wen Ruxue and Song YiDai Xixi, Zhao Jinmai as Wen Xiaoyang, Xia Ruoyan as Ding Huiqiao, and Hu Lianxin as Qi Yue.The original comic “Shibu Girl” is a representative work of the famous cartoonist Zhu Deyong.Through the interaction between four girlfriends and sisters living under the same roof, it shows the bitterness and sweetness of contemporary women in marriage and love.Nearly 20 years later, the script “Astringent Girl” interpreted this classic work in a new context.The play has five distinct characters and experienced different urban female dominance lines, thinking that they have finally found their own story after experiencing various life breakthroughs.Dai Xixi (Song Yi) has always regarded “love, marriage, and childbirth” as the ultimate creed of a perfect life, but unexpectedly, he was broken up on the eve of the wedding, and Dai Xixi, who had nowhere to go, lived in Ding Huiqiao (XiaThe family of Ruoyan lives a rebirth, but turns into an enemy with the wedding designer Wen Ruxue (Yin Tao) who originally rented here.Although talking about beauty, Ding Huiqiao does not lose Wen Wenxue or even better, but she is a working woman with high IQ and low EQ, and regards work as the most important goal in life.Wen Xiaoyang (Zhao Jinmai) came to Shanghai to pursue his comic dream and became a member of this “small family”. He also met Qi Yue (Hu Lianxin) who is also a cartoonist.Five women with diverse styles live under the same roof, with constant friction on the front, but behind each other on the back.On the road to uncompromising, they finally found the place they wanted.The official system Shen Yan said at the start-up ceremony: “Everyone is a ‘maniac’, or the temperament of the ‘maniac’ is more or less reflected in each of us.Nearly 20 years after the birth of the classics, “female emotions have not changed before, but the way of expression has changed. I hope that” Astringent Girl “will bring you something new and interesting.”At the same time, the main creation and production stages of” Amber Girl “were also exposed.Shen Yan, the director of classic urban dramas such as “Chinese-style divorce”, “Chinese-style relationship”, and “My First Half of Life” served as the producer, and former fashion group president and founder of Chaoshang Culture Su Mang served as the fashion consultant for the show.Pan Xing, the director of photography in “The Year”, also joined the play.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Fan Jinchun